Published on: 2020/02/29 23:25:42

After having followed 5 weeks in the green, the flagship index of the Tunisian market remained almost stable at 7171.31 points, for the week of February 24 to 28, 2020, reducing its gains since the beginning of the year to 0.69%, according to the weekly analysis of the stock market intermediary, Tunisie Valeurs.

The total volume of trade has been meager. It stood at 15.6 MTD. Three block transactions on TPR securities (one transaction for 0.52 MTD), SITS (one transaction for 1 MTD) and BNA (one transaction for 0.58 MTD) enlivened the current market this week, mobilizing a total envelope of 2.1 MTD.

Value analysis:

The AeTECH title has offered the palm of the increases. The action climbed 13.5% to 0.420 D in a meager trading volume of 5,000 dinars. The company has posted a positive performance of 27.3% since the start of the year.

At the end of 2019, the company's turnover decreased by 29% to 7.1 MTD.

The UNIMED share benefited from a buying current. The title took 4.1% to 10.310 D amassing the second largest volume of the week, or capital of the order of 1.6 MTD.

The title's performance since the start of the year stood at 10%. In 2019, the pharmaceutical company dethroned Adwya to position itself as a leader in the local pharmaceutical market.

The title Elbene Industrie was the most penalized during the week, yielding -18.9% to 1.370 D in a zero trading volume.

The company has been out of production since the start of 2019. A rescue plan is being implemented.

The SFBT title dominated the trading charts for this week. The price of the title took 0.6% to 20,500 D raising capital in the order of 3.36 MTD.

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